Movie Review - The Blind Side

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Last night I went to the movie The Blind Side (for 10.00 a ticket plus pop and popcorn i might add and if that doesn't scream end of days I don't know what does) and I was very pleased with my choice. The movie was hilarious, heartwarming, and really stood out in a sea of triumphant-but-still-sad-enough-to-warm-your-heart sports movies. Here's the breakdown:

The Deets
The movie was written and directed by John Lee Hancock (2004's The Alamo) and based off of the book of the same name by author Michael Lewis. The book revolved around Michael Oher who grew up in the ghetto of Memphis, TN and went on to play football for the University of Mississippi and later the Baltimore Ravens. I'm not going to go much more into the story and pretend that I know much more about him than what was shown in the movie because, in terms of football, I am somewhere between completely unaware and utterly clueless.

Sandra Bullock played Leigh Anne Touhy, a staunch Christian and Southern Republican and she was absolutely amazing. The character could have easily been one-dimensional, but Sandra gave her depth, she gave her heart. Strong and proud, Bullock was, might I say, Oscar worthy? It might seem like an exaggeration but it would have been so easy to feel nothing towards this character, to even be put off by her strength and subsequent pride, but Bullock pulled the audience in with an undercurrent of insecurity and drive to want to make a true difference. Opposite Bullock was Tim McGraw, a country-singer-turned-actor who had his fair share of quips and jokes, which he handled nicely. No Oscar contention but a nice performance nonetheless. Quinton Aaron played Michael Oher and did a wonderful job. Granted most of his job included looking shy, blank and staying quiet, but he did it well. This was a boy who tested in the single digit percentiles in almost every subject except for "protective instincts" correct me if I'm wrong but I never remember being tested for my protective instincts...maybe I missed that day. But, again, Aaron did extremely well.

The Verdict...
If you hadn't guessed it from my comments above, I definitely recommend this movie. Now I consider myself very picky, especially when it comes to movies that attempt to pull at my heart strings because more often than not the only feeling they evoke is one of nausea (The only other movie like this that I did like was Remember the Titans...and there have been dozens of movies since...and they all sucked. Hmph). I give this movie a solid 4/5 coffee cups.

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