Don't Push the Button! (but I really really want to!!!)

Sit down, relax, and enjoy a nice, warm cup of clarity
(Listening to: All Right Now by Free)

Okay so some of you may have heard of this little movie called New Moon. No big deal if you haven't, I'd just recommend you crawl out from the comfy little rock you've been under (wish I could have been there with you). Anyways...I do not like Twilight or any of the subsequent novels that followed (with a passion I might add) but I feel some sort of twisted curiosity to see this movie. I saw Twilight. Yes, yes, I saw Twilight...apparently 92% of the world did as well (I'm totally making that up but I have a sneaky feeling its almost spot on) and I hated the movie even more than the books (if that's possible...) And now, for some reason, I want to watch New Moon. I know I'm going to hate every second of it if I do but I can only liken it to something like being sat in front of a big red button and told that not to push it or something terrible will happen, like all of mankind will die. Now, nobody wants all of mankind to die but there is some gnawing curiosity in everyone that just wonders what would happen if they did press that button. Plus its big and its red, so right there is another HUGE temptation (I am not using that to highlight the appearance of the people in the movie...I happen to think almost none of them are more than moderately attractive...honestly...its just something to aid my mini-story, yeesh) So back to my point; I know I shouldn't, I know I really don't want to, but I feel this suicidal need to watch New Moon. Right now I'm holding off but I can't promise anything, my curiosity very well may get the better of me.

Here's to keeping my mind out of the muck that is the Twilight Saga (ugh, the name itself just makes me want to chuck something sparky into a river of lava)

Good morning, Good evening, Good riddance.


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