I Love Me Some Supernatural

Sit down, relax and enjoy a nice, warm cup of clarity.
(Listening to: Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas)

Mmmm, Supernatural, you taste so good. You're like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day. I love you like a fat kid loves choc-o-late! OK, I'm done with the weird comments (at least of the food-reference kind) and on to more important things. Anyone who watches Supernatural is of course aware that it has gone into an absurd hiatus (2010...REALLY???) and so I thought, in case anyone was in a desperate need of their fix, I would post a link to my personal favorite review site. It is written by a paranormal humor mysteries (at least that's what the website says, so I'll go with it) author named Tracy Morris and damn is she funny. She has reviewed every episode (I'm fairly certain, but don't hold me to it) up through season 5 episode 4. Read through them (all, or just some of your favorite episodes, either works) and enjoy. It will definitely keep that Supernatural itch scratched for a good while.


Good morning, Good evening, Good riddance.


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